Monday, December 31, 2007

Meezer Monday- Happy New Year!!!!!

Castor: Hey effurrycat! Boy this has been an exciting week. First off, Christmas! Wowie! Sandy claws was furry good to us. We has lots of goodies and toys to play wif. And best of all, mommy made effurryone (including us and the two woofies) ham and cheese omelets for breakfast Christmas morning. Here we are gobbling up our yummies!

Pollux: I eated too much ham.... oooo my tummy!

Pollux: Here I am posing wif our not furry sister Emily. She's got bed head, doesn't she? You can see some of Sandy Claws goodies in this picture.

Pollux: The next day we went to the vet. We came through our hoohahectomy just fine. So now we have been assured we have no reason to return to the vet for a whole year! He may have kept our hoohahs for some strange reason, but if it means no more shots and rides in the kitty carrier, that's OK. We were a bit woozie from the operation, and were furry confused that we couldn't land our jumps very well that night. We have a clean bill of health. Castor is now a solid 3.5 pounds, and I am just over 4 pounds. I may look thinner, but I carry all my weight in my lankiness.

Castor: Yesterday, Pollux had a bit of an unusual misadventure. Mommy and daddy went to have dinner with friends, so we had the whole place to ourselves. When they got home, I let them know Pollux was in trouble. They called for him, and he didn't come running. They was furry worried. Well, he started to meow and call for them, and they finally found him. IN THE WALL!!!!!

Pollux: You see, they are remodeling their rec room, and we all know that we meezers are furry curious. Somehow, I got up to the top of the wall eight feet up. The ceiling has not been reinstalled yet, so, somehow I wound up inside a plumbing chase wall where the kitchenette will eventually be. Mommy and daddy did the only thing they could think to do and cut a hole in the wall so I could get out. I was SO glad to be free.

Castor: Here's the hole in the wall that Pollux escaped through. Good thing the humans are good at drywall repair! Excuse the mess. It's a big construction project right now!

Pollux: I immediately used the litter box and had some stinky goodness and water to ease my poor frazzled nerves. They we furry curious as to how I wound up in the wall. While she was taking a picture of the hole, mommy got a clue as to how that came about... I likes ladders.

Castor: OK, so that's our exciting week. Now it's time to be party cats! Mommy and daddy have a bottle of champage ready for the evening's festivities, and we might just have to help ourselves! Shhhhh! Don't tell them!

Effurrycat eat, drink, and be merry and celebrate New Year's Eve safely! Cheers!

Castor and Pollux

Monday, December 24, 2007

Meezer Monday- Christmas Eve Stocking Stuffer

Sandy claws came. I eated ur candy, kthanks!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Family Game Night Friday!

It's Friday, so time for Family Game time! Mommy and Emily wanted to play High Ho Cherry-o, so I got to learn a new skill. Here I am spinning the wheel. This is a perfect feline game. That wheel is really cool!

Pollux: My turn, Emily!

Emily: No my turn!

Pollux: N0, my turn!

You all may wonder where Castor is. He has decided that soemtimes Emily is too loud for him. He usually hides when Emily gets too loud. I just know he'll come around to her though. It's now her job to feed us stinky goodness, and we are ALL ABOUT stinky goodness!

Daisy asked us what we eat. I am delighted to report we eat Science Diet hard food for kittens (usually a bowl a day between us!) and we share a can of Iams stinky goodness for kittens (usually chicken flavor! Yum!), and whenever the family has eggs, we always get our very own plate of scrambled eggs. There are also yummy treats for special occasions. Last night we got our claws trimmed. I don't mind it so much, but Castor hates it and growls. For a treat afterwards, we got TURKEY!!! It was all purrs and forgiveness for the humiliation of having claws trimmed after that.

There has been a rather disturbing conversation around the house lately. Mommy made an appointment for a trip to the V-E-T on Dec 26th. We've been for shots before, and we really don't mind Dr. Davis much. He's a nice enough human. But there has been some talk about how we're starting to come of age now for neutering. We're not really sure what that means, but it can't be good. Mommy says it's what's best for us so there aren't more kittens in the world than there are homes for them. I guess that's OK, but what does that have to do with us? We have a home. She also said we'll be microchipped so if we ever get out of the house, we'll have a better chance of finding our way home. That sounds OK, and she said it's just like a shot. We're not looking forward to our trip to the V-E-T, but we know mommy will have yummy treats for us when we get home, so I guess it'll be OK.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Meezer Monday- Tusselling Lesson #2

Pollux: Today's lesson- Get plenty of rest between rounds. It especially helps if you get as close as your opponent is willing to let you and yawn REALLY big in their face when you have aromatic kitten breath!

Castor: Whoa! That is some smelly breath! Smelly cat, smelly cat! What are they feeding you?

Pollux: Same thing they're feeding you, bro! Sorry to disappoint you guys, but I haven't attempted to learn that 5 foot pounce yet. I was exploring and studying the pounce from on top the shelves last Tuesday. Mommy wasn't watching me, but was sitting at the 'puter right next to the shelves. Well, I guess I wasn't so graceful that day 'cause I FELL right off the top of the shelf! Mommy was furry surprised, and so was I! I just sat there stunned for a moment, then regained my grace and sauntered off. I needed her to know that I MEANT to do that.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Meezer Monday- Tusselling Lesson #1

Greetings! I Pollux have decided since Castor and I are expert tussellers, we will impart some of our knowledge on our fellow feline bloggers. How are we experts? What are our qualifications you might ask? Well, we've been sparring partners since our Mommycat Stella concieved us, and we spend literally every waking moment trying to get the upper paw on each other. So I'd say that qualifies us as experts! So, while tusselling the other day, I noticed, that Castor kept getting the upper paw on me. Not hot! So, I decided Lesson #1 is to seek higher ground!As you can see in this photo, I DO NOT have a good position, although I can still push Castor away with my paw. I'm WAY lankier!
Here, I have sought higher ground.... It's only a box though, and moments later, Castor pounced and knocked me off the box. You see, though I am lankier, he's stockier. He's always pouncing me and throwing his weight around!
Castor: It helps to intimidate your opponent by looking bigger too. As you can see, my tail is totally fluffed out, so Pollux know's I'm bigger and way badder than him!

Pollux: OK, you've got me on the bigger part, but I tend to be more of an explorer. Here, I have sought higher ground. I am ON TOP of the tall shelves in mommy's office! I'm seeking out my unsuspecting prey beneath me!
One must be careful, however, to avoid distractions! I have never been on top of the shelves before, and I found this nifty deer skull with HUGE antlers! I simply had to investigate this new find for a minute!

OK, snooping over. I have my prey clearly in my sights now... I have the Upper Paw! Now, stay tuned for next lesson- how to pounce from five feet in the air... To be completely honest, I have to work on that lesson myself... I never completed this pounce. It was simply too high!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Warm Wednesday

Pollux: After much scuffling over the highly priced (and momentarily lost) furry mouse, we have decided that snuggling in our fleecy bed is much better, especially since it's now in the low 30's at night outside. Mommy and daddy have even spoiled us by putting our bed next to the space heater!
Castor: This fleecy bed is one of my most favoritest places, espcially when the heater is on!
Pollux: I'm still WAY more interested in being where the people are. After all, they might mess up my filing system if I don't snoopervise them!
Castor: That furry mouse sure was fun though. We may have to whap it around a bit more after a few hours of cat-napping!
Pollux: I was the one who won the Mexican Standoff by the way. I made the first pounce... but Castor somehow was the one who walked away with the mousie... I don't know how THAT happened... I'm not sure he fights fair!
Castor: All's fair in love and mousies, my brother!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Wordless Wednesday-A Tale of Two Kitties

......And Only One Fuzzy Mouse (while looking at this picture, be sure to listen to that Clint Eastwood spaghetti western music in your head).

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thankful Thursday

Howdy Fellow Feline Feasters! Today is Thanksgiving day, so time to tie on that feed bag and chow down! We have accepted our position at the children's table this year, though we completely expect the humans will recognise next year that we belong at the head of the adult table next year. By then surely will will control the household entirely! We would also like to submit this as our not of our species friend, the small human Emily. She was kind enough to provide Pollux his very own sippy cup. Now, if only we could figure out how to get the milk out of the sippy cup! We hope that effuryone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and gets plenty of turkey to eat!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Toasty Thursday

Castor: The two of us have noticed a growing problem in our daily routine.

Pollux: You said it. Thr problem is WE are growing. Mommy's lap just isn't big enough for the two of us anymore.

Castor: You'd think that as special as we are, the least mommy could do is grow a bigger lap. But mommy steadfastly asserts that she will not accomodate us in that manner.

Pollux: So what's a Meezer to do when real estate isn't sufficiently large for horizontal expansion?

Castor: The only thing to do, of course! Vertical Expansion! Behold, the high-rise of Meezer lap luxury! Note that the upper story of our dwelling is well insulated.
Pollux: Mommy is beginning to wonder if our registration papers are accurate. I may be part kangaroo!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tuesday Trouncing!

Pollux: As Effurry cat may remember, yesterday Castor was a meanie and wouldn't share his window seat! Let the trouncing begin! First I fake him out by laying on my back....
Pollux: Then I move so quickly the camera can't even focus on me! I'm a blur of fur and claws!

Castor: OK, I give! Next time I will share my window seat!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Meezer Monday

Mondays.... what can we say about Mondays except the best way to spend them is sleeping in a sun-lit window. Especially if there happens to be a nice soft sofa under it. Both of the humans are working on reports at home today. Silly beans! No wonder humans think Mondays are awful!

We spent a good portion of the morning running and frisking around. Now that we've run out of gas, time to rest, refuel, and get ready for a frisky afternoon! Castor has the window seat. I tried to cuddle with him earlier, but he put the biteys on my ear and bunny kicked my belly! Meanie! I just wanted to share his window seat and cuddle!

But that's OK. The arm of the sofa works nicely as well. Besides, I'll get him back for those biteys later. I've found a GREAT ambush spot at the bottom of the first level stairs. He's got a trouncing with his name on it later this evening!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Sibling Rivalry Saturday!

Most of the time we get along just groovy, but sometimes, it's just good fun to smack each other around a bit!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Copy Cat

Pollux has accepted a position in the publications department. He has found that he has some skill using the copy machine.

Monday, November 5, 2007

We Accepted Anastasia's Dare

And dressed up the little human. It's not really rediculous, just cute. It was a bit self-serving too because that wand had some neat sparkly stuff that was REALLY fun to play with!
PS, don't tell her that if she was a real butterfly, we would pounce on her and eat her wings! Hee hee!

Hello Kitty!

Saturday, our human sibling had a birthday party. We approved of the theme- Hello Kitty. She's on the right track! However, we were quite bummed that we were not invited! Mommy said it wouldn't be a good idea to have us underfoot with 8 kids between the ages of 2 and 4 running about, not to mention the parents. So we were content to eat a can of stinky goodness and fall asleep on a heating pad covered by a soft blanket in the master bedroom. Afterwards, we inspected what was left on the buffet table and even found a few crumbs! Happy Birthday to the little human, and happy crumb hunting to us!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Halloween's Eve- Terrifying Tuesday!

Today we participated in our first Howl-o-ween tradition. I guess howl-o-ween is supposed to be for dogs, but we are meezers. We shall do as we please! Today a foreign object invaded our kitchen, so I, Pollux the curious, investigated.

Castor joined me for a closer look.

Our human sibling wanted Pollux to take a much closer look than either of us wanted!

Mommy explained that the seeds needed to be removed, so Pollux decided to face the problem head on!

Pollux took the lead in carving the pumpkin,

while Castor acted in a supervisory capacity.

All in all, I think we did an excellent job with our first pumpkin carving!

Though in retrospect, our pumpkin hardly fits the breed standard for meezers. The ears are not nearly fruit batty enough, and the face is hardly a wedge. We shall improve our skills for next year and make a much more meezerly kitty-o-latern!

Happy Halloween from Castor and Pollux,
the Meezer Brothers!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sleepy Sunday

We brothers are sleepy today.But now we can finally refer to ourselves as individuals with our NEW NAMES!!!!!

When mommy first knew she was getting us, she wanted to name us for stars, after all, we are Stellarpaw babies! But daddy didn't like the names mommy selected. He wanted to name us for mythological twins or brothers. A compromise was made. We are named for the Gemini twins (something Gemini will appreciate!). We are Stellarpaw's Castor and Stellarpaw's Pollux. Castor means "he who excels" and that was perfect for the brother who is very outgoing and aggressive. Pollux means "very sweet." And that suited the other of us who is more cuddly perfectly.

Here's another tidbit about the Gemini twins:In classical Greece the stars were named Castor and Pollux, legendary twins born of immortal Zeus and the mortal Leda, wife of the king of Sparta. Thus, Pollux was immortal and Castor mortal. They were brothers of beautiful Helen of Troy, for whom the Trojan War was fought. The Twins were known as well educated, strong and daring, yet gentle lads, who became healers, physicians and protectors of humankind. They were among Jason's crew of argonauts in quest of the Golden Fleece. On that voyage, a fierce storm threatened the mission, but abated as a pair of stars appeared over the heads of Castor and Pollux. Since that time seamen have called upon the brothers for protection from peril, and the erie lightning phenomenon, sometimes called St. Elmo's Fire, has been thought of as the spirits of the twins playing in the sails, a good omen for sailors. Castor, a horseman, and Pollux, a boxer, fell in love with beautiful sisters who were already betrothed to suitors. The Twins challenged and slew their rivals, but Castor was mortally wounded. Overcome with grief, the immortal Pollux would have committed suicide in order to be with his brother, but this was impossible. In the end, Zeus placed both their immortal souls together in the sky as symbols of brotherly love, the precept they had so gallantly demonstrated throughout their lives on earth.
Romans called the stars the "Twin Brethren" and associated them with the principle of brotherhood considered to lie at the foundation of their empire. In Egypt they became Horus the Elder and Horus the Younger. In Babylon they were the "Great Twins," and they were viewed as twins in Arabia as well. In China they were Yin and Yang, representing eternal dualism, the two halves of a circle, and contrasting principles of existence.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Fierce Friday

We brothers are fierce today! Fiercly chasing all the furry mices!

We still don't have names, but our new Daddy came home today and he's pondering the issue. Here we are slightly less fierce cuddling on our new daddy's lap. He loved us from the start! He had no clue we were coming! The little human announced our presence as soon as Daddy came in, but he had no clue we were as special as we are until he met us! Daddy is very, very happy to have us, but we all knew he would be!

Stay posted, soon we share with you our new names!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Our First Blog

This is our very first blog from our forever home! Life has been exciting and new. We left our first family Monday night and stayed in a hotel! It was a little scary so we hid behind hte bed a while. Then we dicided new humans were warm and cozy too and slept on them all night. We missed our mama cat Stella so we meezed most of the night and kept the new humans up most of the night!
The next day we traveled 12 hours in a car across four states! Can you believe how well traveled we are for 12 weeks old! We offered to drive some, but our new Meezer Mommy said we were too young. Not Hot!
Our new house is lots of fun. There are carpetted stairs purfect for playing and clawing on, there are lots of fuzzy mices and other cool toys. The little human is a bit louder and runs a lot, but we've discovered she's really nice to snuggle with, especially at night when we read stories, and in the morning watching a few cartoons.
Our new Meezer Daddy doesn't know we are here yet, but we are really looking forward to surprising him tomorrow! We just know he'll love us. After all, we are Siamese, so what's not to love!
Bye for now! We will post often to keep in touch with our old friends and family!