Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Please Purr for Castor

We've been furry reluctant to post about Castor's condition, as it appears to be worsening. Meommy put Castor in his own room for a while, and the beans would visit him periodically to try to acclimate him to being around them again. He seemed to tolerate that, even from the little bean sometimes. Other times, he'd hide. Some days, he'd be very growly to the bean and daddy. He even attacked daddy once, and scratched him on his nose. One day, he had apparently been hiding all day and peed on himself even though he was in the room by himself and had no reason to be hidey. Meommy took him back to the vet the next day and asked him to check him over. The vet gave him an antibiotic that is supposed to last two weeks on the chance he has a urinary tract infection or even a neurological infection that could be causing his behavioral changes. He said if it doesn't work, we should consider pheremone treatments. Meommy just went in for her evening visit with Castor, and has discovered he hasn't eaten or pooped today. He also is walking funny. We are thinking his problem is something seriously wrong with him neurologically. She's taking him back to the vet again tomorrow morning. It's not looking good for him. Please pur for my brother. I think he really, really needs some purrs. Meommy is furry worried about him, and has been crying a bunch lately.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

A bit of a problem....

Hey Effurry body! Pollux here. We've been away for a furry long time. Meommy has been furry busy with work and with our bean's preschool. We understand meommy's work is furry kewl, but we've missed our furriends.

We've been having a bit of troubles that we've been having a hard time admitting to, and a tougher time finding a solution. You see, Castor has been getting more like a feral cat. Effurry month that goes by, he gets worser and worser. It started out OK.. When we first came to our home, Castor would growl at the bean when she came into meommy's room in the morning. But, he wouldn't hide when she was awake. It progressed and he would hide when the bean was around. H'e gotten to the point that only meommy can be around him. If daddy and the bean are around, he won't even come out for stinky goodness. He still sleeps in the bed with meommy and daddy. That's the only time he will tolerate being in close proximity to daddy anymore.

Let me stress that daddy and the bean have NEVER done anything mean to Castor. And the vet has checked Castor out. He's physically fine. But he's got a heck of a mean streak. He doesn't like playing wif me anymore. When I try to play, Castor runs away or fights back aggressively. I just want to play, but Castor, well, he hurts me sometimes and I gets scratches on me.

Meommy and daddy have been trying furry hard to coax Castor out of his shell, but he just seems to be getting progressively worse. It breaks meommy's heart to think of separating us. It breaks my heart too. We're looking for any recommendations of how to work wif him and make him less scardy and aggressive. He's furry growly and scratchy, and bitey. We don't think his quality of life is furry good since he hides all day. Please let us know if you can think of anything we can do to bring him around.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Meezer Monday- Recovery is Good

Hello Effurrybody! One thing I can say that has been good about being sicky. You certainly get a whole lotta pampering when you are recovering. Meommy got the results of the biopsy and they don't think it was a food allergy. So, stinky goodness is back on the menu! Meommy hasn't been skimping on it either 'cause I losted some weight while I was sick. So, here I am happily bellied up to the bar enjoying a can of the good stuff!

I'm a good brother. I know Castor was worried about me, so I am sharing my stinky goodness with him. Even though he IS getting a little pudgy and probably doesn't need it!

Thanks again effurryone for your purrs. I really needed it! I didn't let meommy know how bad I felt until it was almost too late. The VET said that if I hadn't gone to see him when we did, I could have gone over the bridge. I am much too young for that. Meommy says she is gonna be extra vigilent with me from now on. I don't let on how bad I feel. So at the smallest sign of problems, meommy has vowed to wisk me off to the VET again.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Pollux is Home!

And feeling MUCH better! We found out what my poor brother's trouble was and it wasn't an obstruction after all. He had a severe bacterial infection in his colon. It was so bad that the VET said tissue was sloughing off when he used the endoscope. The bacteria create gas as a bi-product and it caused his colon to be distended to about the size of a roll of sausage. Not Good! He said he was furry surprised that Pollux wasn't acting like he felt much, much worse. Meommy and daddy were very smart beans to see that he didn't feel good and took him to the VET. My meommy and daddy love us soooo much! So, all he has to do is take antibiotics. The VET said that he could have developed the problem as a result of an acquired food allergy. He took biopsies and will know Monday if we need to be on speshul foods that won't hurt Pollux's tummy.

We are all Furry grateful to have Pollux safely home and feeling better! Thanks to all you felines that purred for all of us! We couldn't imagine life without our Pollux. Especially me. I've never been separated from my brother for so long, and it made me skeered. I've been spending a lot of my time hiding under couches. Meommy said I shouldn't be skeered, but it made me nervous. I feel so much better now!

Purrs and headbutts to all my caring friends!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Update on Pollux

Hey effurrybody. Pollux wanted me to post an update about his condition. He is home now, but still has his blockage. The VET did the barium study and found something blocking his large intestine. He said it would be better to try and have another VET try to remove it with an endoscope. It would be easier to recover from that than surgery. The VET said he could come home tonight with a catheter in his leg. So Meommy and daddy picked him up and brought him home. His apetite is back, but he can't have any foods yet. Which means neither can I. Grrr... We are both being confined to the laundry room so Pollux can be close to the litter box and I can keep him company.

So, after dinner Meommy came in to check on us. Pollux had ripped out part of his catheter and there was blood effurrywhere! Meommy called the VET's emergency line, but only got voicemail. So, meommy and daddy cleaned him up, removed the bandage he'd chewed partly through, picked up the catherter bits they found, and rebandaged them as best they could. It doesn't appear to be bleeding anymore. We're all just waiting now for the VET to call us back. We thinks the situation is under control though. Meommy just freaked out when she saw all that blood!

So, that's where we are at now. Pollux is due to go to the other VET first thing in the morning. Hopefully he will leave his dressings alone and he won't give us anymore scares tonight.


Monday, August 25, 2008

Please Purray for Pollux

Hey effurryone. Castor here. It sure is lonely at our house tonight. Pollux had to go to the V-E-T. He has been throwing up for the past two days. He was noticably lethargic yesterday. He didn't even feel like playing with me. Meommy tried to give him some stinky goodness and he immediately left the room and threw up again. Meommy thinks he's eaten something he can pass and has an obstruction. He's always trying to eat hair elastics despite effuryone's efforts to keep them from him and furry mouse tails. Meommy said she won't be buying us anything anymore that Pollux could potentially eat. When meommy took Pollux to the V-E-T today, they took a couple of x-rays. The V-E-T said he didn't see an obstruction, but his small intestines and colon showed indirect evidence of something blocking them. Pollux has to stay there overnight on fluids and antibiotics. In the morning, they are going to do another x-ray because sometimes all it takes is some fluids to get things moving better. If it still shows trouble in the tummy, they'll do a barium study to confirm a blockage. If they see a blockage, Pollux will need surgery to remove it. Meommy is afraid of how many hair elastics and mousie tails they will pull out of him.

So please effurrybody, keep Pollux in your purrayers. Maybe he'll just need some fluids and he'll be home tomorrow feeling himself again. We're all going to miss him under the covers tonight.


Monday, July 28, 2008

Meezer and Mancat Monday

Castor: Oh... my... gosh... what the heck was in those nip-tinis?

Pollux: I dunno... but I am still bloated from all that ham, stinky goodness and rodent cake.

Castor: By the way, many of you asked what was in that mousie cake. It was the finest of imported fresh rodent, I assure you.

Pollux: Thanks so much to effurryone who helped us celebrate becoming mancats. We appreciate each and every well-wisher who stopped by. After all, many of you were here to see us brought into the world by our mommycat Stella.

Castor: Yes, thanks effurryone. Now, I think I'm going to go nurse this niptini hangover with a little of the hair of the cat... Anyone seen the blender?

Pollux: I dunno... it was a wild party with so many kitty blogger friends, no telling where the blender wound up!

Castor: OK, I'm just gonna go straight for a shot of nip!

Pollux: Thanks again for effurry cat that came to our party! Hope you all had as much fun as we did!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Happy Purr-thday to Us!!!!

We is officially MANCATS!!!!
We're all set for our party so effurrybody come dig in! Meommy gots us some of this...
And tons of this....

And for our purr-thday cake, she gots us this nifty rodent cake!
And while you're here, be sure to play and claw on our new kitty condo furniture! This is our one year old purr-thday present from our beans. WE LOVE IT! They also gots us plenty of new toys like fuzzy mices! So, play, eat, lounge around in our new wreck room! Our party is gonna be the cat's meow!
Castor and Pollux

Friday, July 25, 2008

Almost purr-thday time!

When we were little kits were played a lot....

And slept a lot...

And ate a lot...

Not much has changed about those three things.... but now we are BIGGER!!! We don't fit in our bed together as well as we used to, but us meezers never mind sleeping in a heap, do we? We eat A LOT more than we used to, sleep A LOT more than we used to, and plat A LOT rougher than we used to! We also have a forever home in Kentucky even though we were born in Florida! Our new fambly loves us very much and we are very spoiled felines!

Meommy has got so much stuff ready for our purr-thday party! Please remember to drop by Sunday and party like an animal on our special day!

Castor and Pollux

Monday, July 21, 2008

Meezer Monday- Just in time for our purr-thday

Pollux: Meommy and daddy have finished the wreck room remodeling! This is where we are going to celebrate our purr-thday Sunday! We sure hope effurrybody can come have ham and stinky goodness with us. We are a little confused though. Meommy always called this room the wreck room. And it was true before. The place had no walls, ceiling, and just a concrete floor for a long time. Slowly the walls went up, ceiling went up, and now it's not a wreck anymore. They even put in this nifty bar. And yet they go on and on about how glad they are they can finally enjoy the wreck room. Beans don't make much sense sometimes. But at least we gots us a big room so there's lots of room for our furrends to come over!

Castor: I did a little snoopervising of the bar. It's got it's good points. This allows us access to the windows so we have another place to lay in the sun. But I found the countertop itself to be quite cold and unpleasant to walk on.
Castor: And another thing I'd like to mention is the poor prioritizing our beans made. Sure the room is done, but instead of getting us new couches to curl up on, the beans spent their tax stimilus check on this- an HDTV. How could they think we'd like a TV more than a comfy couch? They seem to be really excited about the new TV, but we've got little use for it. Maybe they'll put it on animal planet on for our party. That'd be OK I guess.

Pollux: In the meantime, we've still got our favorite sleeping couches upstairs in front of the sunny window. There are always blankies lying on the couch as well so we can really snuggle in and get comfy!

Please effuryone! Don't furget our party this Sunday! Mark it on your calendars and make sure your beans allow you to blog!
See you then!
Castor and Pollux

Monday, July 7, 2008

Meezer Monday- We're Back!

Pollux: I know, it's been a long time. We've been trying and trying to get meommy to let us blog, but she's been furry busy with work and remodeling the house. They say it's improvement. We say the rec room was much more fun as a storage room with lots of things to hide behind. They think it'll be much nicer with a wide screen plasma HDTV and home theater speakers. Oh well. At least there will be more furniture in there soon to sleep on.

We have both been furry healthy and happy since we last blogged. Nothing much new has happened. The little bean now wears glasses to help her see better. We're totally jealous! How come the people get to wear all kinds of cool things to enhance their abilities? I guess since their eyes aren't as good as cat eyes, they need the extra help.

I've developed a fondness for eating meommy's hair elastics (you know, the things for making pony tails) and throwing them up. Meommy has been trying to hide them from me, but she doesn't stand a chance. Sometimes I taunt her by leaving one in my food bowl... heh.. hee!

Castor: I've not been up to much lately either. I've gotten more and more shy of the little bean. But as soon as she goes to bed or leaves to play, I come out and play and sleep on laps. Maybe one day when she settles down, I'll enjoy her company more. Right now, she's just too loud, fast, and unpredictable!

Last week we were heartily entertained when meommy got to babysit our neighbor's gerbil "Butterball" while they were on vacation. What a great name for a lunch! Butterball! I bet he tastes like turkey! We had no idea people kept FOOD as pets! Sheesh! What will they think of next!

Pollux: Oh, and a new pet has joined our fambly.... We call him "a light snack" but the little bean has named him Nemo. He's a Beta fish and he sleeps in a tank in her room.

Castor: Oh! And Effurrybody be sure to mark a FURRY important date on your calendar. July 27th is our Burfday Party! We'll be official mancats at one year old! Meommy is making ammends for our long absense by inviting effurrybody over for ham, turkey, stinky goodness, and all the creature comforts a kitty could dream of!

That's all for now. We are so sorry we've been gone for so long. We've threatened meommy with all sorts of misbehavior if she lets this happen again! And you know how creative a meezer can be when it comes to misbehavior!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Meezer Monday- STROLLER!!!!

Great Noos Effurrybody! After several of you guys suggested I need a stroller so I can enjoy the great outdoors in safety, this item showed up! Meommy said it's warm enough now to take the little girl bean for rides in her stroller! They've been going out almost effurry afternoon. It's only a matter of time before I train her enough that she realizes I need walkies in the great outdoors too! The little girl bean even has some nifty little toys to play wif, and I likes them too!

Come on Meommy! I've got the stroller right here at the door! Please take me for walkies too!!!!!

Monday, March 31, 2008

Meezer Monday

Aren't I such a handsome young mancat! Meommy caught me enjoying my sunny window and couldn't resist a picture of my charming profile. It almost looks like I'm outside, but I'm not. I'm becoming increasingly curious about the great outdoors.... I've been known to hover around the door when the humans are coming and going. I remember how Apollo smelled of fishies when he came back from his great escape... I bet I could gets me some fishies too... Meommy tells me I should stay inside. She says it's not safe for handsome young mancats to go outside. There be coyotes, cars, and she's seen a big mean ferral mancat in the neighborhood. Castor doesn't think going outside would be a good idea either. But he's just a scairdy cat. He even hides from the little girl bean when she's being squeally. I just chase her. Little girl humans can be such fun...

Monday, March 24, 2008

Meezer Monday- Tusselling Lesson Continued

Castor: If the Laser Eyes don't work to thwart the on-slaught of your lanky brother..... try using the kitty-eating couch cushions. Just make sure you don't get too close or the kitty eating couch might get you too!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Meezer Monday- Another tusseling lesson

Castor: Though your bother may outweigh you, may be WAY lankier than you are, and may have you cornered.... Remember to use your LASER EYES!!!!! Nothing defeats the laser eye!

Pollux: Yeah, who'd want to tussel with a psycho laser eyed kitty! We survived our time without meommmy. She got home late Wednesday night so she was only gone one whole day! Good thing too because granddaddy forgotted and closed the door to the room with our litterbox that morning, so it would have been bad news if she was gone longer!

Castor: I really didn't make furrends with granddaddy too much, but Pollux did manage to change his mind a bit about cats... he said Pollux wasn't too bad for a cat. Hmmph! for a cat! Meommy said that for granddaddy though, that was a high compliment!

Castor: Meommy was soooo busy with werk last week that we didn't get to blog or visit our furrends blogs. We're glad she came home early, but why couldn't she take the time to let us blog?

Pollux: Humans... sometimes I wonder why we even bother trying to train them....

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Meezer Monday

Sometimes the best toys aren't even our toys at all. This is a megafort that our little girl bean constructed it. When she's not playing with it, it becomes a great toy for us! It's great for teasing your brother with the furry mices!
Playing with our toys distracts us from the fact that meommy and daddy are gone. Even the little girl bean will be gone for a few days. The neighbor bean will be checking in on us and the woofies, and we've been left with all kinds of toys and stuff. Grand daddy will be here in a couple days, and hopefully we'll win him over quickly. No one can resist a meezer after all. No one!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Toasty Tuesday

Castor: We has some good news! Meommy just found out from werk that she won't have to be gone for two weeks. Just one week! That's not so bad! She'll leave Monday morning and be back Friday night! Really there's only three days we'll be completely deprived of meommy! She has promised to do her best to post our Meezer Monday, even if it might in fact be posted on Sunday very late!

Pollux: I decided that I will share my millie bed with Pollux after all. I think he's been using it when I'm not looking anyway. There seem to be an abundance of long multi-colored furs in it too, so I think he's been having company!

Castor: You're just jealous Kaze hasn't been teleporting over to play wif you and your toys!

Pollux: Besides the only thing better than one meezer in a millie bed, is two meezers in a millie bed.

Castor: Well, actually I can think of something better! Me and Sophie in the millie bed, with tummies full of stinky goodness! That sounds just like heaven to me!

Pollux: Well, for us this is Toasty Tuesday, but for meommy, it's Tile Tuesday. Meommy is growing very impatient with a tile shower installation. The installer thinks he can come and go as he pleases. Meommy is about to wring his neck! This is how the shower looks after a week and a half! He should have finished last week if he'd ever show up when he's supposed to! We think we're going to hide in our millie bed when he finally shows up today 'cause meommy has been really upset that he's late every day, and some days he doesn't show up at all! We thinks he's going to be in a lot of trouble if he's not done by the end of the week! Meommy said something about him being fired. Does that mean she's going to setting him on fire or something? Yikes!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Meezer Monday- Sleepin' in the Sunlight

Castor: Some of you kitties wondered wht I was peeking at from behind the stair spindle. Well, here's what I was peeking at- my brother sleeping in MY sunny spot! I thought about pouncing him and running him out of my sunny spot. But then meommy brought out the flashy box and I didn't want to be caught being a mean boy.

Pollux: Thanks, bro for sharing the sunny spot and not pouncing me. It's been a tough week. Meommy has been after me for various offenses. She says I chew her hair too much. How could she say that! I'm just trying to groom her, but her hairs are so long, they gets all stuck in my mouth! And she's had to move her make-up brushes inside the cabinet instead of on the vanity because I think they make GREAT cat toys. I got in trouble for some sloppy litter box issues. I had the squirts, and some got stuck, so I did the only thing I could think to do- I scooped my bootie on the floor. Some was still on me too, so meommy had to clean my furs, my backside, and the carpet. I was soooo embarrassed!

Castor: Yeah, that was furry funny! But I've been getting in trouble for my litter box manners too. Meommy has been telling me that I need to start covering my pees and poops up. And I really like using the same place in the litter box over and over again. Since I don't cover it up, it becomes a massive stinky place in the litter box even though she cleans both of our boxes every day or every other day as needed.

Pollux: And we have another bone to pick with meommy. There has been talk of going "out of town." She said that daddy bean will also be "out of town." Meommy's daddy will be house sitting (and of course, cat sitting and woofie sitting and little girl bean sitting) for TWO WEEKS!!!! This news was bad enough, but we also overheard that the grand-daddy bean DOESN'T LIKE CATS!!!! He joked that he might SELL US if he got a good offer. Meommy said she wouldn't sell us for a squillion dollars. Phew! That's good news. But we're not at all sure of grand daddy bean. Who's lap are we going to sit on? Will he give us our stinky goodness? Will he place feather wand with us? Will he slip us a bite or two of food from his plate? Will we be able to blog and visit our friends bloggies? Somehow we doubt it. Meommy is going to leave instructions, so hopefully grand-daddybean will do ask he's asked. And surely he won't be able to resist our meezerly charms. Maybe after two weeks with us, he'll become a faithful human servant too!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Toesie Tuesday

Check out all the beautiful chocolate point toes in this picture!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Meezer Monday

Pollux: Lookee what I got in the mail from my special friend Kaze! She sent me the most beautiful millie bed! She also sent a really neat teaser wand toy! Doesn't the millie bed go great with my lovely blue eyes! I'm not going to give up my millie bed for anyone! It's soooo cozy, I've even slept in it instead of meommy's lap a couple times. When meommy comes back from errands, she always finds me in my mille bed. I don't even think I will share it with Castor!
Castor: Psssstttt!!!! Sophie! Pollux left his millie bed! It's all ours! Teleport over so we can cuddle in it and groom each other's furs! It's so nice and warm, but it'd be even more cozy with you here to share it! And don't worry about my woofie siblings. Both of them are big, but they are such good woofies. The first time I met them, I gave them my biggest hiss and growl, so they know not to mess with kitties.
The big black woofie Raven LOVES kitties. Meommy even told me she helped her to rescue a formerly feral orange kitten and he came to live with a friend of hers. The kitten was hiding in the bushes, and Raven got excited, whined, and drug meommy over. Raven sniffed in the bushes, and then meommy saw the kitty there. They took the kitty home until they found him a forever home. Raven thought the kitty was hers and was upset when he was gone. She loved him, but at the time meommy and daddy had a very old kitty who has since gone over the bridge. They didn't think it was fair to ask Cleopatra to share her home in her old age. Raven just sniffs us a lot as wags her tail.
Apollo is a little dopey. He doesn't chase us or really acknowlege us. He cares more about chasing birds than kitties. We think that's pretty cool too. Meommy said he's even caught some before, and we think that's pretty impressive! A woofie that can jump up and catch birds is almost like a cat! We'll just pretend they're big cats since Raven thinks we're her babies and Apollo catches birds if that makes you less scaredy of them, OK?

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Apollo is missing!**UPDATE***

Our woofie brother is missing! The woofies have an invisible fence and apparently the circuit it is on was tripped today. Meommy didn't know and let them out for their afternoon jaunt. Apollo, our English Springer Spaniel, seized the opportunity for a run in the great anywhere his springy legs can take him. Meommy and the little bean are worried sick. The other woofie, Raven, is constantly whining for her friend. Apollo is beautiful, but not very bright when it comes to roads. He kind of just runs without looking where he's going. They drove around looking for him in the neighborhood and have been calling for him constantly. He has tags and is microchipped, but we are awfully worried a car might get him. He hasn't shown back up yet. Please keep Apollo in your purrayers that he makes it safely home.

***UPDATE*** Apollo is home! A neighbor found him frolicking up the road quite a ways on her way to drop off her kids at school. We snoopervised him when he came back inside. He smells like fish. We thinks whatever adventures he had must have been fun if they included fish! Meommy says we must not explore the outside though because Apollo is furry like a car did not bite him. Yikes! He's safely home now, and we are all furry glad!
Castor and Pollux

Monday, February 11, 2008

Meezer Monday- Valentine's Gifties!!!

Oh My Gosh! Lookie what my pretty ladycat Sophie sent me in the mail! She sent me a really cool feather toy, a whole BUNCH of mice and other feathery toys, some crinkly balls, and a nip banana. This was our first experience with a nip banana. We're not really sure what to think about it. But the mice! Oh my gosh the mice! My ladycat sure does know the way to a mankittens heart! Here we are exploring the big bunch of gifties...

And just LOOK at those feathers!!!!!!
Meommy played with me for a while, and it was so much fun!
Then Pollux butted in and played too. He's much more aggressive playing than I am, so I let him. Besides, Meommy said it would be very nice if I shared my toys. I'm a nice fella, so I did. He really thought the feathers were cool!

I'm upset with Meommy that she hasn't bought me the gifties I requested for my Sophie. She promised she'd go to Petsmart and get her some things I thought she'd like. But there were some really horrible storms here in western KY. Lots of people were hurted and killed in the storms. We got lucky and no tornados came here. We all did go to the basement bathroom for shelter at one point though. But our house is on low-lying property, and some the drainage ditch around the house got full of leaves and debris and isn't deep enough for torrential flooding. Water came in meommy's office and garage. It took several days of cleaning to get the office sorted back out. Now she and the neighbor are working together to get the ditched dug deeper so the water won't get in anymore. There's a big tractor digging it outside now! So, she's promised there will be slightly belated gifties sent to my darling soon. I guess I understand the situation. After all I DO NOT want water in my house anymore! Water is no fun for kitties!
Now, I must teleport over and snuggle with sweet Sophie in the new millie bed that Cookie procured for us. I have some lovely long multicolored furs to groom. See you soon sweetheart!

Thursday, February 7, 2008


You don't see me.... I am camoflaged. I am a pouncing machine, built for grace, speed, and with teeth and claws used to quickly dispense my prey. I could pounce on you at any minute... Any minute now, I will pounce! I could... yawn.... spring... at... any... yawn... moment...

Or I could just take a little nap in the fleecy liner of this coat... Snore.... snore... snore....

Monday, February 4, 2008

Meezer Monday- Sunny Day

Castor: I just love sitting here on the stairs. The best little sun rays come in here. And the stairs are the bestest for sharpening my claws on. I'm practicing being aloof in this picture. Meommy wanted me to look at the camera so she could take pictures of my pretty blue eyes, but I'm being aloof... at least until there's a lap to sit on or someone's opening a can of stinky goodness. I can't be aloof when stinky goodness is around or when there's a cozy place to snuggle. Now all I need is for Sophie to teleport over here so I can sit here on my sunny stairs and groom her pretty long furs!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Meezer Rule Wednesday-Catatouille

You may have noticed in our last post that Meommy threatened us with less stinky goodness because we... I mean the woofies.... we're a bit on the gassy side. Little does she know, I have seen the movie Ratatouille. By golly if a RAT can cook, surely a meezer can procure his own stinky goodness! So our Meezer Rule today is "When the going gets tough, the tough get their own stinky goodness!"

We have updated our blog template to be more festive for Valentine's Day. Meommy helped us pick out the new colors. She suggested pink, but we reminded her we are young mancats, and pink is not mankittenish at all! We settled on lavendar. We also added Sophie and Kaze's pictures to the bloggie so effuryone can see pictures of Castor's purty ladycat and Pollux's special friend.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Meezer Monday- We got a case of the Mondays


Pollux: Honestly, I don't know how Meommy ever gets anything done without us on her lap.

Castor: After all, Pollux's breath is enough to keep anyone awake, even on a Monday!

Meommy: Actually between the space heater next to the computer and a lap full of warm kitties, I am definitely needing a bit more caffine in order to be productive today! One of these boys has been passing a little bit of stinky badness, and that's a real eye opener! Think I may have to cut back on the stinky goodness.

Castor and Pollux: Memommy! That wasn't us! that was... ummm, the dogs, yeah, that's it, the dogs! Don't you dare cut back on the stinky goodness!

Hey, wake up you! (whap)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Wednesday- gifties in the mail and Valentines

Castor: Hi effurycat! Look what came in the mail yesterday from Marilyn, Grace, Audace and Ruse! It's their outgrown kitty playgound! We love it sooooo much! We've been playing on it constantly! I really like the dangly mousies and Pollux really likes the tunnel and hammock. Pollux: I mentioned before how much we love the heater vents. It's not as romantic as a fireplace, but I've got room for a special Valentine kitty girl here next to me. My special Valentine friend Kaze can join me sometime when she's not busy with Mao.

Pollux: and here's a special Valentine I found for my special Valentine friend Kaze. I hope you like it. purrrrrr.......

Castor: and here's a Valentine I picked out special for Sophie. I really, really hope she will be my special Valentine kitty girl. She's got such beautiful furs... I bet they are the bestest furs to cuddle with.. I could groom them for hours! And I've got a special stash of fuzzy mices we could play with. Oh, my beautiful Sophie! Purrrrr.......

Monday, January 21, 2008

Meezer Monday Dedicated to our good friend Caesar

Hi Effuryone! We hope you are having a great week! It's furry cold here, so we've been spending a lot of time under blankets with the beans at nite, cuddled up next to the space heater in meommy's office, or huddled over the heat vents.

We've decided to post our profiles on the Single Kitties Love Cafe! Here's our photos that Meommy took and made some lovely backgrounds for us for Valentines Day. Aren't we the best lookin' meezer mancats? I'm sure there are lots of single girly cats who would love to be our Valentines!

On other noos, the guys at the zoo and Daisymae Maus gave us an award! Thanks guys!

We'll pass it on to:
1) Our mommacat Stella, because she's our mommy and we miss her
2) Effuryone over at Cammies Kitties because we love hearing about cats and dogs loving each other
3) Grace, Audace, and Ruse, who are sending us a great toy they outgrew!
On a much sadder note, we are sooooo sorry to hear that our friend Ceasar went over the bridge. Our deepest sympathies go out to Princess and her family. Caesar, we will miss you. There's a wonderful Siamese named Wun Sao over there, and I'm sure you and she will become great friends.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Meezer Monday

I likes to stick my tougue just a little when I pur. Meommy finally caught a photo of me with my toungue sticking out. I also lick the air when I'm being petted especially well.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Daisy Tagged me for a Meme

So here are seven random facts about me, Pollux the great.

1. Everytime mommy makes scrambled eggs, I thinks they are for me. I come running as soon as I hear that tap tap of the egg on the bowl. Give a meezer eggs once, and we expect it always!

2. I like my non-fur sisters toys as much as she does, and I'm always carrying around lincoln logs or legos, or batting around her hot wheels cars.

3. I'm secretly part kangaroo, and insist on getting inside of your shirt or blanket.

4. I'm furry adventurous, and I'm always winding up in unexpected places. I've gotten inside walls and accidentally left in closets. Luckily I meeze loudly when trapped! I've been known to get in the refrigerator while the people are getting food out and I mommy once thought I was going to try to jump inside the oven with the Thanksgiving turkey. I was put in the bedroom after that to prevent turkey craziness from getting me burned.

5. I had a hard time walking across porcelain tile in the bathroom at first. It's cold on my meezer toes!

6. I LOVE pestering Castor, even when he doesn't want to play. It's becoming routine for me to pester him until he gives up and takes refuge on one of the human laps. I'm a stinker!

7. It's becoming a regular thing for me to get frisky about an hour before time for the humans to get up. I wind up running across their heads enough times that they have on occassion banned me from the bedroom and they go back to bed for a while.

...Now I've gotta tag 7 kitties...