Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Meezer Rule Wednesday-Catatouille

You may have noticed in our last post that Meommy threatened us with less stinky goodness because we... I mean the woofies.... we're a bit on the gassy side. Little does she know, I have seen the movie Ratatouille. By golly if a RAT can cook, surely a meezer can procure his own stinky goodness! So our Meezer Rule today is "When the going gets tough, the tough get their own stinky goodness!"

We have updated our blog template to be more festive for Valentine's Day. Meommy helped us pick out the new colors. She suggested pink, but we reminded her we are young mancats, and pink is not mankittenish at all! We settled on lavendar. We also added Sophie and Kaze's pictures to the bloggie so effuryone can see pictures of Castor's purty ladycat and Pollux's special friend.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Meezer Monday- We got a case of the Mondays


Pollux: Honestly, I don't know how Meommy ever gets anything done without us on her lap.

Castor: After all, Pollux's breath is enough to keep anyone awake, even on a Monday!

Meommy: Actually between the space heater next to the computer and a lap full of warm kitties, I am definitely needing a bit more caffine in order to be productive today! One of these boys has been passing a little bit of stinky badness, and that's a real eye opener! Think I may have to cut back on the stinky goodness.

Castor and Pollux: Memommy! That wasn't us! that was... ummm, the dogs, yeah, that's it, the dogs! Don't you dare cut back on the stinky goodness!

Hey, wake up you! (whap)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Wednesday- gifties in the mail and Valentines

Castor: Hi effurycat! Look what came in the mail yesterday from Marilyn, Grace, Audace and Ruse! It's their outgrown kitty playgound! We love it sooooo much! We've been playing on it constantly! I really like the dangly mousies and Pollux really likes the tunnel and hammock. Pollux: I mentioned before how much we love the heater vents. It's not as romantic as a fireplace, but I've got room for a special Valentine kitty girl here next to me. My special Valentine friend Kaze can join me sometime when she's not busy with Mao.

Pollux: and here's a special Valentine I found for my special Valentine friend Kaze. I hope you like it. purrrrrr.......

Castor: and here's a Valentine I picked out special for Sophie. I really, really hope she will be my special Valentine kitty girl. She's got such beautiful furs... I bet they are the bestest furs to cuddle with.. I could groom them for hours! And I've got a special stash of fuzzy mices we could play with. Oh, my beautiful Sophie! Purrrrr.......

Monday, January 21, 2008

Meezer Monday Dedicated to our good friend Caesar

Hi Effuryone! We hope you are having a great week! It's furry cold here, so we've been spending a lot of time under blankets with the beans at nite, cuddled up next to the space heater in meommy's office, or huddled over the heat vents.

We've decided to post our profiles on the Single Kitties Love Cafe! Here's our photos that Meommy took and made some lovely backgrounds for us for Valentines Day. Aren't we the best lookin' meezer mancats? I'm sure there are lots of single girly cats who would love to be our Valentines!

On other noos, the guys at the zoo and Daisymae Maus gave us an award! Thanks guys!

We'll pass it on to:
1) Our mommacat Stella, because she's our mommy and we miss her
2) Effuryone over at Cammies Kitties because we love hearing about cats and dogs loving each other
3) Grace, Audace, and Ruse, who are sending us a great toy they outgrew!
On a much sadder note, we are sooooo sorry to hear that our friend Ceasar went over the bridge. Our deepest sympathies go out to Princess and her family. Caesar, we will miss you. There's a wonderful Siamese named Wun Sao over there, and I'm sure you and she will become great friends.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Meezer Monday

I likes to stick my tougue just a little when I pur. Meommy finally caught a photo of me with my toungue sticking out. I also lick the air when I'm being petted especially well.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Daisy Tagged me for a Meme

So here are seven random facts about me, Pollux the great.

1. Everytime mommy makes scrambled eggs, I thinks they are for me. I come running as soon as I hear that tap tap of the egg on the bowl. Give a meezer eggs once, and we expect it always!

2. I like my non-fur sisters toys as much as she does, and I'm always carrying around lincoln logs or legos, or batting around her hot wheels cars.

3. I'm secretly part kangaroo, and insist on getting inside of your shirt or blanket.

4. I'm furry adventurous, and I'm always winding up in unexpected places. I've gotten inside walls and accidentally left in closets. Luckily I meeze loudly when trapped! I've been known to get in the refrigerator while the people are getting food out and I mommy once thought I was going to try to jump inside the oven with the Thanksgiving turkey. I was put in the bedroom after that to prevent turkey craziness from getting me burned.

5. I had a hard time walking across porcelain tile in the bathroom at first. It's cold on my meezer toes!

6. I LOVE pestering Castor, even when he doesn't want to play. It's becoming routine for me to pester him until he gives up and takes refuge on one of the human laps. I'm a stinker!

7. It's becoming a regular thing for me to get frisky about an hour before time for the humans to get up. I wind up running across their heads enough times that they have on occassion banned me from the bedroom and they go back to bed for a while.

...Now I've gotta tag 7 kitties...