Monday, February 25, 2008

Meezer Monday- Sleepin' in the Sunlight

Castor: Some of you kitties wondered wht I was peeking at from behind the stair spindle. Well, here's what I was peeking at- my brother sleeping in MY sunny spot! I thought about pouncing him and running him out of my sunny spot. But then meommy brought out the flashy box and I didn't want to be caught being a mean boy.

Pollux: Thanks, bro for sharing the sunny spot and not pouncing me. It's been a tough week. Meommy has been after me for various offenses. She says I chew her hair too much. How could she say that! I'm just trying to groom her, but her hairs are so long, they gets all stuck in my mouth! And she's had to move her make-up brushes inside the cabinet instead of on the vanity because I think they make GREAT cat toys. I got in trouble for some sloppy litter box issues. I had the squirts, and some got stuck, so I did the only thing I could think to do- I scooped my bootie on the floor. Some was still on me too, so meommy had to clean my furs, my backside, and the carpet. I was soooo embarrassed!

Castor: Yeah, that was furry funny! But I've been getting in trouble for my litter box manners too. Meommy has been telling me that I need to start covering my pees and poops up. And I really like using the same place in the litter box over and over again. Since I don't cover it up, it becomes a massive stinky place in the litter box even though she cleans both of our boxes every day or every other day as needed.

Pollux: And we have another bone to pick with meommy. There has been talk of going "out of town." She said that daddy bean will also be "out of town." Meommy's daddy will be house sitting (and of course, cat sitting and woofie sitting and little girl bean sitting) for TWO WEEKS!!!! This news was bad enough, but we also overheard that the grand-daddy bean DOESN'T LIKE CATS!!!! He joked that he might SELL US if he got a good offer. Meommy said she wouldn't sell us for a squillion dollars. Phew! That's good news. But we're not at all sure of grand daddy bean. Who's lap are we going to sit on? Will he give us our stinky goodness? Will he place feather wand with us? Will he slip us a bite or two of food from his plate? Will we be able to blog and visit our friends bloggies? Somehow we doubt it. Meommy is going to leave instructions, so hopefully grand-daddybean will do ask he's asked. And surely he won't be able to resist our meezerly charms. Maybe after two weeks with us, he'll become a faithful human servant too!


Kaze, Latte, & Chase said...

I think you'll win him over. How could you not? My Gamma comes to our house just to visit me now. That is a very long time for your beans to go away!


Daisy said...

TWO WEEKS!?!?!?! Oh no!

Two Meezer Brothers said...

I guess we should say that they will be home on the weekend. BUT they will be gone Monday morning through Friday evening. That's a LONG TIME without our meommy. We're used to daddy bean being out of town, but not meommy and daddybean at the same time!

HRH Yao-Lin said...

you guys sound like you should be friends with baby mao. His litter box habits are very very similar!

I don't think you should forgive the humans for planning on deserting you. Or at the very least, you should plan some revenge. x

Tyler said...

Castor AND Pollux, you can come over and stay with us ANYTIME. Castor, I can help you cover up your litter box business. I'm a very good coverer. I can't clean the litter box for you, so you're just going to have to learn how to use different places in the box, ha, ha! I know! You're a cat, you don't HAVE to learn anything, do you? I know they cost a LOT of green papers, but my mom loves our Litter-Robot. It does an excellent job of keeping the litter clean. You can use regular trash bags in the receptacle. It doesn't need to be changed all that often, (unlike the Littermaid). The clean litter place is nice and deep (unlike the Littermaid).

Only us kittens will use it and sometimes Cookie too. Tyler and Kali will not use covered litter boxes. As you can guess, we also have a Littermaid, but that thing "is more trouble than it's worth," according to my mom. The cats like it, but it's very finicky. One has to clean it very often. If you overfill the litter, the machine goes crazy. The amount that you can fill it with is very thin amount. With 5 cats, we also have the regular boxes too. We like those fine, as long as mom cleans them quickly enough.

I just know that your Gramps is going to fall in love with you! How could he not! One word about selling you and I'll come over and sleep on top of his mouth and the same time.

Mom and I were playing yesterday and she says I'm a lot more braver now. I actually love to be pet now. And I'll come and pounce her while she's on the computer. She pretends to pounce me back. Oh it's great fun. I think knowing you Castor, has brought out my confident side. I still shrug away from being touched on the top of my head. But otherwise, I don't mind. Have a super duper good day. do you know exactly when your mom and dad are abandoning you, Pollux and your bean sister? I will miss blogging with you deeply.
Your Sophie

DK & The Fluffies said...

Two weeks... that's not good.

Cheysuli and gemini said...

How could anyone not love you?

DaisyMae Maus said...

Oh, goodness ... you're gonna get "sat"? That could be furry good or furry bad. I hope that you're able to win over your grandad. Two weeks is a LONG TIME.

Tara said...

My goodness, two weeks is a really long time! But I bet in that length of time, you will have granddad in your paw!


Princess said...

TWO WEEKS!!! that is practically an eternity
well, at least your little girl bean will be there to help granddaddy

CAESAR used to be very very messy... litter box ... with eating and toys everywhere.
Mom has noticed that I am the very neat one.

Boy said...

I hope you guys can convert your gwand-daddybean!