Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Toasty Tuesday

Castor: We has some good news! Meommy just found out from werk that she won't have to be gone for two weeks. Just one week! That's not so bad! She'll leave Monday morning and be back Friday night! Really there's only three days we'll be completely deprived of meommy! She has promised to do her best to post our Meezer Monday, even if it might in fact be posted on Sunday very late!

Pollux: I decided that I will share my millie bed with Pollux after all. I think he's been using it when I'm not looking anyway. There seem to be an abundance of long multi-colored furs in it too, so I think he's been having company!

Castor: You're just jealous Kaze hasn't been teleporting over to play wif you and your toys!

Pollux: Besides the only thing better than one meezer in a millie bed, is two meezers in a millie bed.

Castor: Well, actually I can think of something better! Me and Sophie in the millie bed, with tummies full of stinky goodness! That sounds just like heaven to me!

Pollux: Well, for us this is Toasty Tuesday, but for meommy, it's Tile Tuesday. Meommy is growing very impatient with a tile shower installation. The installer thinks he can come and go as he pleases. Meommy is about to wring his neck! This is how the shower looks after a week and a half! He should have finished last week if he'd ever show up when he's supposed to! We think we're going to hide in our millie bed when he finally shows up today 'cause meommy has been really upset that he's late every day, and some days he doesn't show up at all! We thinks he's going to be in a lot of trouble if he's not done by the end of the week! Meommy said something about him being fired. Does that mean she's going to setting him on fire or something? Yikes!


Tybalt said...

You both look adorable all snuggled in your bed. I'm so glad your meommy won't be gone for 2 weeks! I hope your meommy won't have to set that man in fire . . . she might get in trouble.

DEBRA said...

Your Mommie shower if furry purrty. But, Momma said she udderstands how she must feel. Momma and Daddy went through a renovation (before us) and she about pulled her hair out because it took so long.

We are glad you won't be deprived of your Mommie for two weeks and that it's only one and really it's only just a few days...

Daisy said...

Look how cute you are cuddled up together! I am glad your mom will only be gone for ONE week. That is much better.

I think your new shower is going to be very beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Well, at least the shower looks worth the wait. You guys snuggle really well!

Kaze, Latte, & Chase said...

I do have to say, Millie beds are best shared! Pollux, we can play all day long and I promise I still have kitten sized energy even though I'm *ahem 2 now.

Your new shower is VERY nice! Contractors are hard, the LL knows since she works with lots of them in the architectural office.


jenianddean said...

You all sure do look toasty in your millie bed!! And my mom completely understands how your mom feels. That sort of thing drives her nuts! (But on the other hand, the shower is very pretty!)

-Jasper McKitten-Cat

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Ohoh, there is no wrath like mom wrath...dat tile guy is gonna get himself in big trouble. Glad yoor mom will only be going fur a week, 2 weeks is to long fur her to be gone from yoo guys.

Tyler said...

Oh my goodness, you both look so cute together in that bed. Pollux you are such a good brother to Castor. It's lovely of you to let us borrow your Millie bed when I come over!

I'm sorry, I've been leaving some of my furs behind Castor. I try so hard to keep them all clean, but sometimes I do loose a couple. Next time I'll have to bring the Dustbuster.

I cannot believe that tile guy! My uncle is a contractor and he says that many people in the business just take it for granted that they can work at their own pace. They just don't care about their reputations. Our uncle does such beautiful work, too bad we can't teleport him over to fix your problem. My mom says your mom has reason to be frustrated and they guy probably needs to be fired. Hopefully , he'll come on time and just finish it already.

Purrs to both of you,
Sophie (not Tyler)

Cheysuli and gemini said...

You look so cute in your bed together! Oh such cuties.

Princess said...

AWWwwww you two look so sweet and happy. This picture makes me smile big!


Pet's are 4 Life said...

wow, we hasn't stopped by in a while and you two is all growiug up! You is sooo adorables!!!

Beethoven said...

Maybe you guys can pounce on that installer and give him the biteys the next time he comes.

DaisyMae Maus said...

Your shower is furry pretty, but we can understand why your momma is so frustrated. Installers can be such a pain in the rumpus-dumpus.

We had to biggify your millie bed picture to get a close-up view of what furry attractive froot-bats you two are. Yowza. Check out those gorgeous blue peepers!


Tyler said...

Dearest Castor,
How are you? I'm wondering if now is when you're mom had to go out of town. If you don't mind, I was thinking I might teleport over later this afternoon to check up on you. I have to make sure you're warm enough during nap time. I'll bring our solid green Millie bed so we don't have to kick Pollux out of his.
Kisses and headbumps,