Monday, July 28, 2008

Meezer and Mancat Monday

Castor: Oh... my... gosh... what the heck was in those nip-tinis?

Pollux: I dunno... but I am still bloated from all that ham, stinky goodness and rodent cake.

Castor: By the way, many of you asked what was in that mousie cake. It was the finest of imported fresh rodent, I assure you.

Pollux: Thanks so much to effurryone who helped us celebrate becoming mancats. We appreciate each and every well-wisher who stopped by. After all, many of you were here to see us brought into the world by our mommycat Stella.

Castor: Yes, thanks effurryone. Now, I think I'm going to go nurse this niptini hangover with a little of the hair of the cat... Anyone seen the blender?

Pollux: I dunno... it was a wild party with so many kitty blogger friends, no telling where the blender wound up!

Castor: OK, I'm just gonna go straight for a shot of nip!

Pollux: Thanks again for effurry cat that came to our party! Hope you all had as much fun as we did!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Happy Purr-thday to Us!!!!

We is officially MANCATS!!!!
We're all set for our party so effurrybody come dig in! Meommy gots us some of this...
And tons of this....

And for our purr-thday cake, she gots us this nifty rodent cake!
And while you're here, be sure to play and claw on our new kitty condo furniture! This is our one year old purr-thday present from our beans. WE LOVE IT! They also gots us plenty of new toys like fuzzy mices! So, play, eat, lounge around in our new wreck room! Our party is gonna be the cat's meow!
Castor and Pollux

Friday, July 25, 2008

Almost purr-thday time!

When we were little kits were played a lot....

And slept a lot...

And ate a lot...

Not much has changed about those three things.... but now we are BIGGER!!! We don't fit in our bed together as well as we used to, but us meezers never mind sleeping in a heap, do we? We eat A LOT more than we used to, sleep A LOT more than we used to, and plat A LOT rougher than we used to! We also have a forever home in Kentucky even though we were born in Florida! Our new fambly loves us very much and we are very spoiled felines!

Meommy has got so much stuff ready for our purr-thday party! Please remember to drop by Sunday and party like an animal on our special day!

Castor and Pollux

Monday, July 21, 2008

Meezer Monday- Just in time for our purr-thday

Pollux: Meommy and daddy have finished the wreck room remodeling! This is where we are going to celebrate our purr-thday Sunday! We sure hope effurrybody can come have ham and stinky goodness with us. We are a little confused though. Meommy always called this room the wreck room. And it was true before. The place had no walls, ceiling, and just a concrete floor for a long time. Slowly the walls went up, ceiling went up, and now it's not a wreck anymore. They even put in this nifty bar. And yet they go on and on about how glad they are they can finally enjoy the wreck room. Beans don't make much sense sometimes. But at least we gots us a big room so there's lots of room for our furrends to come over!

Castor: I did a little snoopervising of the bar. It's got it's good points. This allows us access to the windows so we have another place to lay in the sun. But I found the countertop itself to be quite cold and unpleasant to walk on.
Castor: And another thing I'd like to mention is the poor prioritizing our beans made. Sure the room is done, but instead of getting us new couches to curl up on, the beans spent their tax stimilus check on this- an HDTV. How could they think we'd like a TV more than a comfy couch? They seem to be really excited about the new TV, but we've got little use for it. Maybe they'll put it on animal planet on for our party. That'd be OK I guess.

Pollux: In the meantime, we've still got our favorite sleeping couches upstairs in front of the sunny window. There are always blankies lying on the couch as well so we can really snuggle in and get comfy!

Please effuryone! Don't furget our party this Sunday! Mark it on your calendars and make sure your beans allow you to blog!
See you then!
Castor and Pollux

Monday, July 7, 2008

Meezer Monday- We're Back!

Pollux: I know, it's been a long time. We've been trying and trying to get meommy to let us blog, but she's been furry busy with work and remodeling the house. They say it's improvement. We say the rec room was much more fun as a storage room with lots of things to hide behind. They think it'll be much nicer with a wide screen plasma HDTV and home theater speakers. Oh well. At least there will be more furniture in there soon to sleep on.

We have both been furry healthy and happy since we last blogged. Nothing much new has happened. The little bean now wears glasses to help her see better. We're totally jealous! How come the people get to wear all kinds of cool things to enhance their abilities? I guess since their eyes aren't as good as cat eyes, they need the extra help.

I've developed a fondness for eating meommy's hair elastics (you know, the things for making pony tails) and throwing them up. Meommy has been trying to hide them from me, but she doesn't stand a chance. Sometimes I taunt her by leaving one in my food bowl... heh.. hee!

Castor: I've not been up to much lately either. I've gotten more and more shy of the little bean. But as soon as she goes to bed or leaves to play, I come out and play and sleep on laps. Maybe one day when she settles down, I'll enjoy her company more. Right now, she's just too loud, fast, and unpredictable!

Last week we were heartily entertained when meommy got to babysit our neighbor's gerbil "Butterball" while they were on vacation. What a great name for a lunch! Butterball! I bet he tastes like turkey! We had no idea people kept FOOD as pets! Sheesh! What will they think of next!

Pollux: Oh, and a new pet has joined our fambly.... We call him "a light snack" but the little bean has named him Nemo. He's a Beta fish and he sleeps in a tank in her room.

Castor: Oh! And Effurrybody be sure to mark a FURRY important date on your calendar. July 27th is our Burfday Party! We'll be official mancats at one year old! Meommy is making ammends for our long absense by inviting effurrybody over for ham, turkey, stinky goodness, and all the creature comforts a kitty could dream of!

That's all for now. We are so sorry we've been gone for so long. We've threatened meommy with all sorts of misbehavior if she lets this happen again! And you know how creative a meezer can be when it comes to misbehavior!