Monday, September 15, 2008

Meezer Monday- Recovery is Good

Hello Effurrybody! One thing I can say that has been good about being sicky. You certainly get a whole lotta pampering when you are recovering. Meommy got the results of the biopsy and they don't think it was a food allergy. So, stinky goodness is back on the menu! Meommy hasn't been skimping on it either 'cause I losted some weight while I was sick. So, here I am happily bellied up to the bar enjoying a can of the good stuff!

I'm a good brother. I know Castor was worried about me, so I am sharing my stinky goodness with him. Even though he IS getting a little pudgy and probably doesn't need it!

Thanks again effurryone for your purrs. I really needed it! I didn't let meommy know how bad I felt until it was almost too late. The VET said that if I hadn't gone to see him when we did, I could have gone over the bridge. I am much too young for that. Meommy says she is gonna be extra vigilent with me from now on. I don't let on how bad I feel. So at the smallest sign of problems, meommy has vowed to wisk me off to the VET again.