Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Pollux is Home!

And feeling MUCH better! We found out what my poor brother's trouble was and it wasn't an obstruction after all. He had a severe bacterial infection in his colon. It was so bad that the VET said tissue was sloughing off when he used the endoscope. The bacteria create gas as a bi-product and it caused his colon to be distended to about the size of a roll of sausage. Not Good! He said he was furry surprised that Pollux wasn't acting like he felt much, much worse. Meommy and daddy were very smart beans to see that he didn't feel good and took him to the VET. My meommy and daddy love us soooo much! So, all he has to do is take antibiotics. The VET said that he could have developed the problem as a result of an acquired food allergy. He took biopsies and will know Monday if we need to be on speshul foods that won't hurt Pollux's tummy.

We are all Furry grateful to have Pollux safely home and feeling better! Thanks to all you felines that purred for all of us! We couldn't imagine life without our Pollux. Especially me. I've never been separated from my brother for so long, and it made me skeered. I've been spending a lot of my time hiding under couches. Meommy said I shouldn't be skeered, but it made me nervous. I feel so much better now!

Purrs and headbutts to all my caring friends!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Update on Pollux

Hey effurrybody. Pollux wanted me to post an update about his condition. He is home now, but still has his blockage. The VET did the barium study and found something blocking his large intestine. He said it would be better to try and have another VET try to remove it with an endoscope. It would be easier to recover from that than surgery. The VET said he could come home tonight with a catheter in his leg. So Meommy and daddy picked him up and brought him home. His apetite is back, but he can't have any foods yet. Which means neither can I. Grrr... We are both being confined to the laundry room so Pollux can be close to the litter box and I can keep him company.

So, after dinner Meommy came in to check on us. Pollux had ripped out part of his catheter and there was blood effurrywhere! Meommy called the VET's emergency line, but only got voicemail. So, meommy and daddy cleaned him up, removed the bandage he'd chewed partly through, picked up the catherter bits they found, and rebandaged them as best they could. It doesn't appear to be bleeding anymore. We're all just waiting now for the VET to call us back. We thinks the situation is under control though. Meommy just freaked out when she saw all that blood!

So, that's where we are at now. Pollux is due to go to the other VET first thing in the morning. Hopefully he will leave his dressings alone and he won't give us anymore scares tonight.


Monday, August 25, 2008

Please Purray for Pollux

Hey effurryone. Castor here. It sure is lonely at our house tonight. Pollux had to go to the V-E-T. He has been throwing up for the past two days. He was noticably lethargic yesterday. He didn't even feel like playing with me. Meommy tried to give him some stinky goodness and he immediately left the room and threw up again. Meommy thinks he's eaten something he can pass and has an obstruction. He's always trying to eat hair elastics despite effuryone's efforts to keep them from him and furry mouse tails. Meommy said she won't be buying us anything anymore that Pollux could potentially eat. When meommy took Pollux to the V-E-T today, they took a couple of x-rays. The V-E-T said he didn't see an obstruction, but his small intestines and colon showed indirect evidence of something blocking them. Pollux has to stay there overnight on fluids and antibiotics. In the morning, they are going to do another x-ray because sometimes all it takes is some fluids to get things moving better. If it still shows trouble in the tummy, they'll do a barium study to confirm a blockage. If they see a blockage, Pollux will need surgery to remove it. Meommy is afraid of how many hair elastics and mousie tails they will pull out of him.

So please effurrybody, keep Pollux in your purrayers. Maybe he'll just need some fluids and he'll be home tomorrow feeling himself again. We're all going to miss him under the covers tonight.