Saturday, November 22, 2008

A bit of a problem....

Hey Effurry body! Pollux here. We've been away for a furry long time. Meommy has been furry busy with work and with our bean's preschool. We understand meommy's work is furry kewl, but we've missed our furriends.

We've been having a bit of troubles that we've been having a hard time admitting to, and a tougher time finding a solution. You see, Castor has been getting more like a feral cat. Effurry month that goes by, he gets worser and worser. It started out OK.. When we first came to our home, Castor would growl at the bean when she came into meommy's room in the morning. But, he wouldn't hide when she was awake. It progressed and he would hide when the bean was around. H'e gotten to the point that only meommy can be around him. If daddy and the bean are around, he won't even come out for stinky goodness. He still sleeps in the bed with meommy and daddy. That's the only time he will tolerate being in close proximity to daddy anymore.

Let me stress that daddy and the bean have NEVER done anything mean to Castor. And the vet has checked Castor out. He's physically fine. But he's got a heck of a mean streak. He doesn't like playing wif me anymore. When I try to play, Castor runs away or fights back aggressively. I just want to play, but Castor, well, he hurts me sometimes and I gets scratches on me.

Meommy and daddy have been trying furry hard to coax Castor out of his shell, but he just seems to be getting progressively worse. It breaks meommy's heart to think of separating us. It breaks my heart too. We're looking for any recommendations of how to work wif him and make him less scardy and aggressive. He's furry growly and scratchy, and bitey. We don't think his quality of life is furry good since he hides all day. Please let us know if you can think of anything we can do to bring him around.