Saturday, January 17, 2009

Trying to get on with life

It's been a little over two weeks since Castor crossed the bridge. Our hearts are a little less heavy. Meommy knows he must have been hurting, especially at the end. She's glad he's not hurting anymore. We have been comforted much by all the kind words left on our bloggy by our furrends out there. Thank you all so much.

Meommy has been spoiling me absolutely rotten. I've gotten more hand outs than ever- meat, eggs, whatever I wants. Meommy plays with me constantly. If there's a mouse to be thrown, I gets to fetch it as long as I want. Meommy decided to take a couple videos of me and post them. The first one, meommy was messing with me a little bit. She had the flashy box and I kept waiting for it to flash, so I followed her around meezing. I am a furry meezy meezer!

In this one, I am doing my fuzzy mouse therapy. I've got one of my favorites (recently rescued from behind the fridge) and meommy is playing with me. I loves my mices and getting to fetch and play.

We'll never forget my brother. I've been with him since I was born. But our hearts are slowly healing and remembering the times when he was a happy, healthy kitten. Meommy is having a hard time getting used to only one kitty to cuddle at night. It used to be meommy would have one of us snuggled under her arm and the other behind her knees. It was first come, first serve for the best place. Now I always sleep tucked under her arm, and there's an empty place behind meommy's knees.

Meommy has often thought about getting another companion kitty for me. But it's probably too soon. For now we are all moving on, healing, and consoling each other.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Words simply cannot express our sadness....

Meommy still has leaky eyes, but she's trying hard to remember the happier times with Castor. She really appreciates your kind words of sympathy. Meommy called the vet this morning to tell him the sad news. He agreed it was probably a brain tumor. If it was, there would have been little to do that would have saved him. Diagnosis is expensive, and although treatment is possible, very expensive and also not always successful. The symptoms he had were consistent with a tumor. Meommy couldn't stand the idea of a necropsy, so we'll never really know.

Castor's sweet little body was laid to rest last night. He was swaddled in a blanket from Florida, since he was born there. He was placed next to out predecessor, Wun Sao under a dog wood tree. The tree is beautiful in the spring and fall. Lots of birds hang out there because there is a bird feeder in the tree. Any cat would love to rest under a tree with lots of birds.

Meommy is determined to spoil me rotten. I ate an entire can of stinky goodness last night. I've never eaten a whole can. I usually shared one with Castor. I had a hard time finishing it. She also bought me a brand new package of fuzzy mice and she's been playing all the fetch with me that I want to. I'm sure we'll all adjust, be a little less sad every day... The loss is very fresh in our hearts right now. Thanks so much for your kind words of sympathy. It means so much that so many of you also cared for my brother.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Sad, Sad, New Year

Meommy is having a furry hard time typing right now. She got up this morning and went to check on Castor first thing. He's been staying in her office. He had died in the night. Last night, he was walking funny, and what the vet said about neurological causes for his behavior started making a lot of sense. Meommy read lots of stuff on the internet about feline brain tumors. She thinks he must have had one. It must have started progressing as much as a year ago. That's about when he started acting hidey, and slowly started getting aggressive. It had become more pronounced in recent months. A few days ago when he urinated on himself, he must have started losing some physical control. Last night he had a very wobbly gait, another sign of neurological troubles. Meommy read that the tumors can act fast, and be deadly if they are in the part of the brain that controls breathing and the heart.

Meommy finds some comfort in the fact that last night she spent oodles of time in Castor's room with him, especially last night. She was wearing her big fluffy housecoat, with Castor tucked inside on her lap. She fed him a can of tuna while he was nestled in her housecoat. It was a good last meal. Although he hadn't purred in at long, long time, both meommy and daddy thought they might have heard him pur last night... just a little.

Meommy is so sad right now. Castor was much too young to go over the rainbow bridge. She's sad that he was alone when he went. She's sad for me, because now I am all alone. She's sad that she couldn't have done more for Castor. I've been purring my hardest for her, but the tears keep falling. Please pur some comfort to our family right now. We will miss Castor......